Expectations of our Suppliers

We seek suppliers

  • whose portfolio, performance, positioning and cost structure offer HOERBIGER sustained competitive advantages.

  • who set standards for themselves to deliver performance at the highest level of quality and pursue a zero-defect philosophy in their fault management.

  • who have comprehensive quality management systems in place and continually enhance and maintain them.

  • where all manufacturing, sales and logistics processes – to include those of all subcontractors – are well-documented and always take place under controlled and reproducible conditions.

  • who communicate with their customers as well as all other business partners extensively, fully, transparently and sincerely at all times.

  • who consistently comply with contracts as well as the Purchase Conditions and provisions of the Supplier Manual in the performance of deliveries and services for HOERBIGER.

  • who, like HOERBIGER, take their responsibility for mankind and the environment seriously in their Code of Conduct, and respect and support the goals of relevant international conventions such as the United Nations Global Compact.